Our History

In July 1967, a group of parents decided to form the Federation of Parents and Friends Associations of South Australian Catholic Schools. At this time, every state except South Australia was providing some funding for children in Catholic and other non-government schools and our schools were really struggling.

We as parents and taxpayers are obliged by law to educate our children and are taxed for the funds to do so. We must be aware that we have a right to at least part of these resources obtained from our taxation for this purpose. We also have the right to choose the system of education that we desire for our children, and we also have the right to press for these rights (Gen Dineen).

A huge effort was made over the next few months to lobby politicians including the Premier Don Dunstan, and there was much joy when, at the Sacred Heart College speech night in December, he announced a subsidy of $10 per year for every non-government school student.

The commitment of these parents to fight for change, and their success, has inspired generations of parents to join the Federation of Catholic School Parent Communities SA (as we are now known) and work together for ‘the common good’.

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