Advocacy & Representation

“Advocacy is any action that speaks in favour of, recommends, argues for a cause, supports or defends … on behalf of others.”

The Federation’s objectives are:

  • To promote and encourage interest and active involvement in Catholic education in general and in South Australia in particular.
  • To support and serve the needs of students enrolled in South Australian Catholic schools.
  • To support the parent organisations or groups established in South Australian Catholic schools.
  • To support parental/family choice in schooling and parental engagement in education issues.

“Advocacy is about taking actions to advance the causes you are invested in. Advocacy aims to raise awareness, educate, mobilise support, influence decisions, create change …”

The Federation provides advocacy and representation by:

  • Maintaining constructive relationships with the SA Minister for Education, Opposition Spokesperson and their staff, and education department staff.
  • Meeting with other state parliament members from time to time.
  • Gathering knowledge and feedback from SA Catholic school communities and feeding this into the development of position papers, submissions and media statements.
  • Providing opportunities for parent voices to be heard.
  • Working collaboratively with national parent organisations and keeping open lines of communication with state/territory-based parent organisations.
  • Representing the interests and concerns of parents/families in committees, advisory and working groups, networks, stakeholder forums and government requests for feedback.
  • Making presentations, providing workshops and attending conferences.
  • Engaging with the media and social media.