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Federal Government Funding of Catholic Schools


In recent weeks, following the announcement by the Federal Government about the proposed changes to education funding, there has been considerable conversation amongst our national affiliated parent organisation’s and more locally within our Catholic school communities about the impact that this will have on our South Australian Catholic schools and our parents.

The Federation of Catholic School Parent Communities (the Federation) in South Australia, recognise that the proposed funding reforms will bring about a change, but as the details remain uncertain, how our South Australian Catholic schools will be funded remains unclear. 

The Federation is monitoring and working closely with our national organisations, National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC) as well as the Catholic Education office (SA) to fully understand the impact the proposed Australian Government Quality Schools funding reform will have on Catholic schools in SA.


We understand as parents with children in South Australian Catholic schools, this is a concerning and worrying time and we are working to seek further clarity regarding the impact that this will have to us as parents who fund our children’s education.

In light of recent media commentary, what we do understand is that each state and territory appears to be affected differently and reassure our school and parent community, that the Federation remains focused with our team committed to continuing its work as the voice for parents who choose Catholic education for their children.