About Us

The Federation of Catholic School Parent Communities is a federation of the affiliated parent organisations in each South Australian Catholic school.

The Federation represents all parents of all children in South Australian Catholic schools.

Our Values

  • Choice
  • Quality
  • Equity
  • Voice

Our Vision

To be an independent, influential voice committed to achieving quality and equity in educational opportunities and outcomes for students in Catholic schools.

Our Mission

We exert influence in pursuit of policy outcomes, develop and share resources and build the capacity of parents to be partners in their children’s education.

Strategic Intentions

Our strategic intentions focus on four key areas:

  • Choice
  • Quality
  • Equity
  • Voice

For more information about the Federation, you could download our Endorsed Federation Strategic Plan.


This is what we do...

I didn’t know the Federation of Catholic School Parent Communities did all that...

The Federation of Catholic School Parent Communities is many things for many people! 

Our core business is to be the voice of parents who have chosen a Catholic school for their child.

We advocate for affordable Catholic schools that are accessible to all (choice), access to excellent educational experiences as the right of all children (quality and equity) and the right of parents to be collaborators in their child’s learning and schooling (voice).

How do we do this?


  • Advocate for a greater public investment in education for all children and an equitable share of public funds for students in Catholic schools. Politicians and policy makers listen to us.
  • Consult with parents on key education issues and represent Catholic school parents in decision making and advisory forums in relation to national, state and Catholic education policy and initiatives. We listen to parents.
  • We affiliate with and contribute to the work of Catholic School Parents Australia (CSPA) and Australian Parents Council (APC) to ensure a voice at the national level. We have national political clout.
  • Communicate and connect with parent groups and parents in SA Catholic schools. We empower parent communities.
  • Develop and share information and resources that empower parents with the knowledge and skills to support their child’s learning, capabilities and wellbeing. We support parents and families.
  • Lead and support parent and family engagement in learning and schooling. We support school leaders, teachers and school communities through:
    • Practical and individualised consultancy for school communities
    • Professional learning and training for school leaders, educators and parent leaders
    • Parents Initiatives in Education (PIE) grant funding to Catholic schools in South Australia
    • Sharing evidence of leading practice in family engagement in learning. 

Download our Constitution.