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Catholic Education South Australia

What's happening to school funding?

The Federal Coalition Government has introduced legislation into Parliament that will fundamentally change the way all Australian schools are funded. 

The proposed legislation will have a number of negative consequences for Catholic schools in particular. As one independent commentator said, Catholic schools are the "big losers" under the Federal Minister for Education and Training’s plan.

That means that Catholic schools across the country will become less affordable, especially for the many families already struggling to pay school fees.

It is argued that Federal Minister for Education and Training has been waging a misleading campaign to try to sell a plan that would be crippling for some Catholic school systems.

Spread the word

It is crucial that our Catholic school families know about the problems with the Coalition Government's school funding plan. 

The National Catholic Education Commission's (NCEC) Facebook page contains a great deal of material to keep you informed about the most recent developments and help spread the word. You can follow NCEC on Twitter.

You can find out more about the problems with the Government's plan on this page. But, at the heart of it, this model doesn't deliver needs-based funding because it fails to understand need for students, including (and especially) Catholic school students.

Contact your Senator or MP

The Turnbull Government is expected to try to pass its school funding policy on Wednesday, June 21.

Contact your local Senator NOW and let them know that you value an affordable and accessible Catholic school system.

Don't know who the Senators are in your state or territory? Visit this website.

You can also contact your local MP and ask them to stick up for the Catholic schools in your electorate.


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