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Catholic Education South Australia

Project Compassion 2017

During Lent, your school will be participating in Project Compassion which is Caritas Australia’s annual Lenten fundraising and awareness-raising appeal bringing thousands of Australians together in solidarity with the world's poor to help end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity.

This year the theme for Project Compassion is Love Thy Neighbour.  


In each of the six weeks of Lent, schools will be sharing weekly stories that reflect this year’s theme. These inspiring stories will tell how the lives of six people have changed through our schools’ support of Caritas Australia's development programs.

The Federation has formed a partnership with Caritas Australia to support your family to share in this Lenten journey with your children.

Each week we will share ways you can talk together about the messages in each story and, together, be inspired to learn more and create change.



“Commitment to truth opens the way to lasting reconciliation” Pope Benedict XVI

How is knowing and telling the truth about something that happened in the past, important for the future?

Family conversations:

Most children have spent time away from their family. Even if it’s just a sleepover. Perhaps it was for a longer time? Time with grandparents perhaps?

You may wish to discuss with your child/ren about how you would feel if they were taken away from your family.

You may wish to discuss with your child/ren about how they would feel if they were taken away from your family. Taken away from a happy family with a mum and dad who loved and cared for them. Taken away with their sisters and brothers.

Pray together:

For the First Australians, who have suffered indignity at the hands of those who colonised their societies: That all Australians may commit to justice and right relationships and embrace the richness to be found in recognising that we all belong to this great south land of the Holy Spirit.

We Pray as One.

For our land, Australia: That, like Jesus in his encounter with the woman at the well, we may see the lives of our Indigenous brothers and sisters as part of the life-giving grace of the Spirit. May they, with their voices heard and their gifts encouraged, become signs of justice and goodness in the world today.

We Pray as One.

Plan together:

Consider some ideas for a family fundraiser for Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion 2017.


Week Three: Uncle Richard's story

When Uncle Richard left KBH, he struggled with the legacy of pain, trying to find relief through his work as an artist. But he attributes the beginning of his healing to something even more powerful than his creative work, his reconnection with former KBH boys.

The KBH Aboriginal Corporation (KBHAC) was established by KBH survivors to reunite with one another and begin healing. KBHAC’s Unlocking the Past to Free the Future Program works to restore the social and emotional wellbeing of the survivors and their families. The former KBH boys have realised that their shared suffering has created a brotherhood. They support each other by sharing their stories, and coming to a common understanding of how their experiences have impacted on themselves and their descendants.

Through KBHAC, the men are also opening the door to the wider Australian community, inviting everyone to journey together as neighbours in the healing process. Caritas Australia supports KBHAC and is proud to walk alongside in partnership on the journey to wellbeing.


View the video of Uncle Richard’s story

Click to view Uncle Richard's Story

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